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Subject Information Page - Research Methodology and Presentation Skills

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Teaching Schedule <calendar>

Week 3 Research Overview <notes>

Week 4 Research Proposal Development <notes> <example>

Week 5 Literature Search and Review <notes>

Week 6 Research Data and Method Selection <notes>

Week 7 - Qualitative Methods and Mixed Methods <notes>

Week 8 Test 1 (open book) <question> <solution>

Week 9 Quantitative Methods and Experimental Research <notes>

Week 10 Research Execution and Management <notes>

Week 11 Research Report and Presentation I <notes>

Week 12 Research Report and Presentation II <notes>

Week 13 Scholarly Paper and Publication I <notes>

Week 14 Scholarly Paper and Publication II <notes>

Week 15 Test 2 (open book) <question> <solution>

Week 16 Presentation I;

Week 17 - What is PhD Study <notes>

Week 18 - Studying Overseas <notes>; Professional Institutions <notes>


Research Paper and Presentation

  • Content of paper: related to your research topic (regular content or review)

  • IEEE journal paper <template> or conference paper <template> format.

  • Examples: Conference papers <ex1> <ex2>;  Journal papers <ex1> <ex2>

  • Must also prepare a 10~15 minutes Powerpoint presentation for Week 15/16.

  • Deadline: week18 ; upload pdf & pptx to Baidu Drive

Marks Allocation

  • Test 1: 20%; Test 2 20%; Research Paper 30%; Presentation 30%;
  • No Formal Examination