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MSc - Hybrid  Electric Car Technology - 混合動力及電動汽車

To provide practicing engineers with a general knowledge of modern hybrid and electric vehicle technologies and to understand their impact and significance on our society. 

MSc - Aerospace Power Electronics and Actuation Systems - 航天電力電子及制動裝置

To provide engineers with in-depth knowledge of the use of power electronics and actuation systems in the aerospace industry. To provide the latest developments and applications in power conversion, electric actuator, aircraft instrumentation, fly-by-wire, fly-by-light, and space craft systems. 


MSc - Intelligent Motion Systems - 智能運動系統 - <PolyUEE520> <SZU>

To provide an in-depth knowledge on the design and operation of intelligent motion systems. To relate and compare numerous motion systems applications examples, including hard disk drives, robotics and CNC machines. To enable the students to have the ability to design motion control systems for industrial and domestic purposes. 

MSc - Electric Vehicle - 電動車輛 - <SZU2903123>
To acquire a broad knowledge on modern electric vehicles (EVs), and to understand the development of electric vehicles from technological, environmental, and societal perspectives.

MSc - Real Time Computing - 實時電腦計算

At the completion of the subject students will be able to understand the properties of real time languages, operating systems, associated hardware, and applications. Key toipics include: Real Time Computing Systems Concepts; Real Time Systems Design Issues; Real Time Software; and Real Time Systems Applications.

MSc - Research Methodology and Presentation Skills - 科研方法及發表技巧 - <SZU081100> <SZU085406>

For a research student, getting the research work progress in the correct direction, and disassembling the research results to the scientific community, are perhaps the two most important things in their study. The aim of this subject is to fulfil these two important goals.


MSc - Engineering Project Management - 工程項目管理
This course introduces the concept of modern engineering project management to students. It integrates theory and practical knowledge of engineering project development & execution into the course. Finally, it examines practical examples of engineering project management. 

BEng - Intelligent Systems Applications in Electrical Engineering - 人工智能及其應用
To introduce students to the fundamentals of intelligent systems and their applications in
Electrical Engineering including electrical power systems, control and utilization. e.g. rule based expert systems, fuzzy expert systems, artificial neural networks, and evolutionary


BEng - Electric Machines - 電動​機
To have a good understanding of different types of machines (e.g. DC, induction, synchronous, reluctance, etc.), including: (i) how they are designed; (ii) how they are driven; (iii) what are their characteristics and behavior.

BEng - Electromechanical Energy Conversion
- 電​力至動能的轉換

To study the underlying operating principles of ac and dc electric motors and generators, including their energy conversion principles, structural differences, and coil winding layouts.

BEng - Systems and Control - 糸统及控掣學
​To introduce the principles of system modelling and analysis, and the design of feedback control systems.  To provide the foundation on signal processing and its algorithms; and the design and applications of digital control, filtering and signal processing.


BEng - Automatic Control Theory - 自动控制原理 - <SZU1101980036>
​To study basic concepts of feedback control, modelling, linear control system analysis, root locus method, frequency response method, and control systems design.

BEng - Circuit Analysis - 电路分析 - <SZU1100390001>
To study the basic theory and analysis techniques of electric circuits. The following 4 types of electic cirucits will be studied: dc steady state circuits; dc transient circuits, ac steady state circuits, balanced three phase ac circuits.

BEng - Signals and Systems - 信号与系统 - <SZU1102150001>
This course studies the fundamental theory and analysis of: Continuous-Time and Discrete-Time Signals, the convolution sum and the convolution integral of linear time-invariant systems, Fourier Series, Continuous-time and discrete Fourier Transform, Laplace and Z Transform.

BEng - Applied Digital Control - 數碼控掣系統 - <PolyUEE4008>
To introduce the fundamĥentals and design techniques in digital control, filtering and signal processing. The analysis and design of these digital systems will be described with the aid of practical examples and CAD packages.

BEng - Industrial Computer Applications - 工業應用電腦控制系統
To introduce the applications of computing techniques in solving industrial problems. Topics include (i) computer process control, (ii) industrial instrumentation and systems, (iii) image processing, and (iv) multimedia concepts. Numerous hands on experience on industrial computer applications will be included into the subject. 


BEng - Circuits and Linear Systems - 線路及缐性系統
The course introduces the principles and techniques used in the analysis of circuits and linear systems, with the aid of computer aided design packages. This subject provides the foundation for the later higher level electrical engineering courses in the areas of power, systems, drives, and control. 


BEng - Computer Systems Engineering - 計算系統工程學
The course teaches the basics of computer programming and I/O interfacing through the Intel 80xxx series microprocessor, and the Intel 8051 series microcontroller. The course covers in sufficient details the organizations and interfacing of modern microcomputer systems, including modern storage techniques and computer communications. 


BEng - Basic Electricity and Electronics - 基礎電力及電子學

The course introduces the operating principles of electrical machines and electronic circuits. Several classes of electronic circuits will be covered, including diodes, transistors, field effect transistors, and operational amplifiers. For the power topics: power electronics, electric machines, and three phase systems will be covered. 

BEng - Power Electronics and Drives - 電力電子及電力推動

To enable students to understand the operation principles, circuit topologies, and basic design of various power electronic converters, such as controlled rectifiers, AC voltage controllers, dc-dc choppers and inverters.