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Subject Information Page - Intelligent Motion Systems - PolyU


Subject Information <click here>

Teaching Schedule <calendar> <lecture video 2021>

Week 1 Introduction to Motion Systems <notes>

Week 2 Motion Sensing <notes> <tutorial>

Week 3 - Motion Actuators <notes> <tutorial>

Week 4 - Lunar New Year's Eve (no evening class)

Week 5 Power Drives <notes> <tutorial>

Week 6 Motion Control Platform <notes> <tutorial> Products <1> <2> <3>

Week 7 Test 1 (open book) <paper> <solution>

Week 8 - Digital PID Controller <notes> <tutorial>

Week 9 Robust Control Issues <notes> <tutorial> <solution>

Week 10 - Easter Holiday (no class)

Week 11 Multi-axes Motion Control <notes> <tutorial> <1><2><3><4>

Week 12 EMI-EMC in Motion Systems / Review of the whole subject <notes> <tutorial>

Week 13 Test 2 (open book) <paper> <solution>

Marked script will be avaliable from CF620, General Office, Jessica, 6-10 May, 10am-5pm

Examination Facts Sheet

  • You are allowed to bring in a facts sheet into the exam hall.

  • You can write anything on one side of this sheet. Only one sheet allowed.

  • You can photocopy shrink your content. You may bring a magnifying glass.

  • You are not allowed to direct photocopy the fact sheet from your classmate.

  • Prepare the sheet before the exam. Download <here>


Report - An application in intelligent motion control

  • Report on an application example in motion control

  • No text book work. Latest and advanced material most welcome.

  • Maximum 6 pages (excluding cover page).

  • Hand in by week 12 (9/4/2023, 11:59pm)

  • Examples of "titles" previous students' works - <click here>

  • Submit in pdf format via <this link>. File_Name = Your_Name.


Online Attendance of Lecture/Tutorial (Microsoft/Teams)

  •  via Microsoft teams <link>

  • Only for the first two hours

  • If you cannot access the latest video, try this one <baidu link>


Marks Allocation

  • Test 1: 13%; Test 2 13%; Case Study 14%;
  • Examination 60%